The “author”

surfHello reader, my name is Roman LeFranc, initially from Paris, France but now living in Los Angeles. I am currently a managing director at Diamond Capital Advisors, an investment bank headquartered in Los Angeles, CA. We specialize in M&A advisory and capital raising for middle market companies including domestic and cross-border transactions; in other words, we buy & sell companies and help them find the money they need to grow.

With a great group of partners, I have recently launched a new company called French Accelerator; an accelerator that focuses on helping France-based start-ups to grow their business in the USA. More to come on this subject later.

Prior to Diamond Capital, I had the opportunity to work in corporate development for an Australian tech company based in Sydney providing Saas solutions for companies working with the government where I primarily focused on raising capital and processing acquisitions. I also served as an institutional equity sales trader for one of the top global financial institutions, Credit Agricole CIB.

On the non-profit side, I am the co-founder of the French American Chamber of Commerce Los Angeles, a bi-national non-profit association that is devoted exclusively to the development and improvement of economic, commercial and financial relations between the U.S. and France.

Outside of the office, I enjoy playing rugby, sailing, surfing, golfing and mountain biking among other outdoor activities, and follow my favorite rugby team, the Stade Francais from Paris.

This blog was created to share my thoughts, favorite articles, and more generally my view of the world and so far it has been a lot of fun!

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A Frog In The Fog???

Since many people asked this question, here is the explanation:

The term Frog is an ethnic slur referring to the French people. Prior to 19th century, the expression referred to the Dutch (as they were stereotyped as being marsh-dwellers). When France became Britain’s main enemy replacing the Dutch, the epithet transferred to them due to the French recipe for eating frogs’ legs (it’s delicious!).

Fog refers to the Los Angeles fog, the low stratus clouds and/or dense marine fog that we have pretty often in the morning…